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Your donations help set up an apartment for a Camp Fire mom

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Single mom and her two boys lost everything in the Camp Fire.

Success! We loaded up a Uhaul full of donations and took them up to Chico, where we are setting up a donation hub for Camp Fire victims.

We worked directly with a single mom with two kids who lost her husband a few years ago and her home a few weeks ago. We got them set up in an apartment and got it furnished with your donations. 3 beds (and a trundle bed), three dressers, two couches, a coffee table, TV stand, dining table, and tons of household items!!

We are also offsetting her rent for the next few months and have given the family $500 in gift cards to buy new items for their home.

They were sleeping on air mattresses and are super excited to be off the floor. Thank you for your donations!!

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