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One Year of Throwing Starfish

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

The Throwing Starfish Foundation was founded in 2018. In just one year our small nonprofit has accomplished so much.

We are dedicated to serving the most vulnerable in the community. We have organized many different projects that fall under that mission. We provided meals for homeless women and children. We assembled and distributed hundreds of Comfort Bags to agencies who work with foster children. We also provided Comfort Bags to hospitals working with children experiencing a medical hardship. We handed out 100 backpacks full of cold weather items to the local homeless community. We put together bags full of hygiene items and other essentials for local homeless teens. We helped pay for a mobility chair for a local child with SMA. We assembled and distributed Apartment Kits for foster kids who are aging out of the system into their first independent living situation. We received a $3,000 grant from Sacramento Bee’s Book of Dreams fund to assemble 15 Apartment Kits for Foster Kids who

Our biggest project this year has been our work with Camp Fire survivors. We’ve raised money and received grants and been able to distribute over $150,000 in funds and goods directly to Camp Fire survivors. We began distributing funds days after the fires began, and haven’t stopped since. We received $120,000 in grant funds from North Valley Community Foundation to facilitate our Camp Fire work. The funds have come as five different grants, as NVCF saw the work we were doing and wanted to continue funding it. We also received a $20,000 grant from Global Giving to continue our work.

We assembled 150 Welcome Home Kits full of home essentials for Camp Fire survivors, over 200 Cold Weather Kits, we purchased a used car for a family, replaced tools for several contractors, paid thousands of dollars in rent, fulfilled Amazon Wishlists for multiple families, distributed food and gas gift cards, purchased laptops for students and professionals, provided relocation assistance to many families, set-up an apartment with all furniture and essentials needed, helped with car repairs, bought new mattresses and other home goods, provided a large amount of propane, purchased a 2500 water tank for a man living off the grid in Paradise, contributed to the construction of Tiny Homes, helped purchase a food truck for business owners who lost theirs in the fire, set-up a home office for a mobile worker, paid taxes on new home, paid professional fees to get survivors back to work, provided swamp coolers, AC units, fans, and ice chests for survivors living in RV’s, distributed 50 Kitchen Essential Kits with new kitchen items, maintained a free store in Chico and a free furniture store in Colusa for survivors – and more.

We are proud of the work we’ve done and are grateful to have been given the opportunity. We are just getting started and look forward to growing and expanding our reach in the years to come.

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