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Off the Grid Help

Before the fire, Dave was a refrigerator repairman at a small business. Since December, when Paradise was reopened to survivors, he has lived mostly alone on the burnt property, surrounded for miles by mostly vacant land in a leaky, dilapidated trailer. He also has had no access to showers/laundry (toxic water in the Paradise area) and is 20+ mins from Chico, with no income whatsoever to pay for the gas he would need to go back and forth or basic needs like emptying the holding tank on his trailer so that he can use its restroom (he does have food stamps, which has been helpful). We worked with a couple helpers to get Dave some Amazon Wishlist Items as well as a 2500 gallon water tank up to his property. This will give him clean water to drink and also allow him to bathe, which was a big hindrance to him finding work.

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