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List of Resources for Camp Fire Survivors

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Unfortunately, we receive a lot more requests for assistance than we can fulfill. Below is a very extensive list of resources that we found online. We haven't double checked all these resources, but they are worth investigating if you are a Camp Fire survivor in need of assistance.

Have you called the Red Cross to request Phase 2 Immediate/Direct Financial Assistance of up to $2500?

Information, Directions & Link To Red Cross Site - FB Post 🔗

📍 ☎ 800-733-2767 press 5, press 5 Hours: M-F 5:30am-8pm Sat 5:30am-6pm Sun 8am-4pm

2nd number: ☎ 855-891-7325 press 3

🔺 If you're a Veteran, have you applied for Emergency Financial Aid? (Can be for: rent/mortgage, car/mobile home repairs, grocery/baby/household supplies, medical expenses, etc)

📍Site/Application 🔗

🔺Have you submitted a request for assistance to North Bay Donate?

Site 🔗

📍Assistance Request Form 🔗…/1FAIpQLSfvBwcLi8gLb-cvoiHkc_j49X…/viewform

🔺Have you picked up, completed & returned an application for a gift card/money from First Assembly of God Church?

📌 You must go *in person* Hours: M-F 10am to 4pm Address: 1137 Arbutus Ave, Chico. Phone: 530-345-1377 Applications take about 1 week to process.

🔺🆕 Have you completed an application with Norcal Boys and Girls Clubs for a $50 gift card for either gas or cell phone bill? (Deadline: 3/28)

📍Site/Application 🔗…

🔺Have you submitted a request for help to Oroville Hope Center?

Site 🔗

📍Request for assistance form 🔗…/1dNOgbUg2l6vWpj_bup3uXrD9mDQenZ…/viewform…

⭐🔺Have you submitted an application to Global Empowerment Mission/Paradise Fire Adopt A Family?

📍Site/application 🔗…/1FAIpQLSe2LmPJl1UH9j2rJaGeJ32yNJ…/viewform

*Note: They're accepting applications on an ongoing basis & will have their second disbursement in early March.

🔺Have you scheduled an appointment with Chico Salvation Army to work with a Caseworker? (They can provide: $$ for furniture - via a voucher; funding for car repairs, tool replacement, rental deposit, etc)

📍☎ Call them at: 833-372-2267 Ext. 1⃣ (Early Recovery Financial Assistance - call from 9:30am-2pm M-F)

You may have to call several times. The disaster relief they offer is worth it.

🔺If you lost your job because of the Camp Fire (place of employment was destroyed or closed) or you were self-employed and lost your income/merchandise/required tools, have you applied for Disaster Unemployment? (🔴 Deadline to file: 3/15 🔴)

ℹ About Disaster Unemployment 🔗

📍Unemployment - File A Claim 🔗

🔺If you're unemployed & looking for work, have you registered with Alliance For Workforce Development? (💥They have funding to pay for training, purchase tools & work boots, can assist you in creating or updating your resume and much more!)

📍Site/Information 🔗

🔺If you're looking for work, have you accessed help through Work For Warriors? (Help offered to both Veterans & civilians impacted by the Camp Fire)

📍📧 ☎ 916-854-4426

🔺Have you applied for CalFresh? Cash Aid? MediCal (which includes Dental!)? WIC? (pregnant/post partum women & children ages 0-5) Registered with CalJOBS? (Job search tool, resume writing help, education, free trainings & courses - outstanding resource!)

ℹ CalFresh Program Eligibility 🔗

📍"C4Yourself" SNAP Application 🔗

ℹ MediCal Program 🔗

ℹ Denti-Cal Program 🔗

📍MediCal & Covered CA Application 🔗

ℹ WIC - Women, Infants & Children 🔗

📍WIC Mobile - Make Appt To Apply 🔗

📍ℹ CalJOBS - Site/Register 🔗

🔺Have you checked the Camp Fire Housing site for available options? (you have to keep checking - New housing is added routinely. You should also register your housing need).

📍Site/Search/Registration Tool 🔗

🔺🆕Have you searched the HUD Exchange site to see what housing help you qualify for?

Site/Program Descriptions 🔗

🔺🆕If you're registered with FEMA and would like to be considered for housing (Modular Housing Unit: MHU) in the "Gridley Camp Fire Community," have you called your FEMA worker to let them know?

📍 ☎ 800-621-3362 Request your Case File be updated to reflect your relocation request.

🔺🇺🇸If you're a Veteran, have you searched all of the housing & employment opportunities for assistance available through CalVet?

📍Site/Programs & Contact Info 🔗

🔺Have you submitted an application for a donated RV (if you need housing)?

Site (documentation checklist) 🔗

📍Request an RV Form 🔗…/1FAIpQLScsoXNBEXGf5oovdzcM8xm8Eu…/viewform

🔺Have you submitted a housing/RV/land request with Evangelical Free Church of Chico?

📍Request form for housing/RV/land 🔗…/1FAIpQLSf6PKtFG1QhL5vysBtG8UgAC9…/viewform

📍Request form: furniture & household items 🔗…/1g5ys0uIU1Mnjr_UL92MVExab4iZmxO…/viewform…

🔺🆕Have you submitted an application for help with utility bills/heat through Community Action Agency of Butte County? (This includes help with propane, wood, wood pellets, etc)

📍Site/Application For Assistance 🔗

🔺🆕If you're having trouble paying your PG&E bill, have you applied for LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program), One-Time Payment Assistance, the CARE or FERA programs (both offer discounts on services if you're income eligible)? If you have life-saving medical equipment, there is a "Medical Baseline Program" you can apply for.

📍 PG&E LIHEAP and One-Time Bill Pay Assistance - Info & Applications 🔗…/help…/one-time-assistance/

📍PG&E FERA & CARE Programs - Applications 🔗…/help-payin…/longer-term-assistance/care/…

📱 You can text 'CARE' to 20283 to prequalify for this program.

📍PG&E Medical Baseline Program - Application 🔗…/medical-baseline-…/

🔺Have you submitted an application for a donated car?

📍Car Donation Site/Request Form🔗

📍Chabad Jewish Ctr Car Application 🔗…/ar…/aid/4208082/jewish/Apply-for-a-Car.htm

🔺Have you submitted a request for a free mattress from Living Spaces?

Site/Instructions 🔗

☎ 530-513-2604 Cheri Sandberg 📍📧

🔺Do you have tangible needs that you can request on NeedHub? (A carbon monoxide detector, new pajamas, a hairbrush? An item your child is missing that can be replaced?)

📍FB Group NeedHub 🔗 Needhub


💲 Personal Fundraising Campaigns 💻

🔺Have you made an Amazon Wish List?

How to create a wish list 🔗

🔺Do you have a Venmo account?

Venmo App 🔗

🔺Do you have a PayPal account?

Site 🔗…

🔺Have you created a GoFundMe account?

Site 🔗

💠Tips Writing A GoFundMe Campaign 🔗…/115011597367-5-Tips-for-Writing-a-Ca…

💠6 Steps To Guarantee A Successful Disaster Relief Fund 🔗

🔺Have you emailed your GoFundMe to Direct Impact Fund?

📍Site/About 🔗


🔺Have you requested your family be "adopted" through any of the "Adopt A Family" groups? Have you told your story and shared your personal fundraising campaigns with your social media network?


🔷🔹 Disaster Case Management 🔹🔷

This is a *valuable* service and we encourage Survivors to use it.

Services are described as: "...advocacy, information, referrals, crisis intervention and disaster recovery services." ~ NVCSS

Further, case managers can offer guidance with FEMA appeals. Some offer cash grants, rent payment assistance or pay for services deemed necessary.

Basically, they help you remove post-disaster barriers to your family's health, safety & stability.

🔺Have you completed an intake application with Butte County for Immediate Disaster Case Management (IDCM)?

☎ 530-879-3471 📍Walk-in appointments: 2445 Carmichael Dr, Chico, at the Resource Desk. 8am-5pm M-F

🔺Have you applied for a Caseworker at the Salvation Army?

📍Site/Program 🔗

☎833-372-2267 Ext 1 (9:30am-2pm M-F) 📧

⭐🔺Have you applied for long-term disaster case management services through Caring Choices?

📍Site/Program 🔗

☎ 866-703-3873 or 530-899-3873 📧

*Note: they can provide help with FEMA Denial Notifications & the appeal process.


🔴 Most supplies, clothing & food can be found for #free at distribution sites. Check out our pinned post - #DAT Camp Fire Resources Doc. There are a *lot* more resources there.

🆕These databases can be used to search for resources for specific needs:

📍 Aunt Bertha: search for free or reduced cost #services using your zipcode


📍 Butte & Glenn County 211: Camp Fire resources & links to community services


📍 Disaster Assist Team: Camp Fire Resources Doc - Comprehensive info & links to free & low cost help, services, events, distribution centers, etc.


📍 Butte County Recovers - Official Camp Fire Information & Resources


📍 Butte County Office of Education - Camp Fire Resources - has extensive child-centered resources (child care, dealing with child trauma, school, family resources, etc)


🌍🚉🛤✈ Relocation Help 🛬🚍🛣🚙

🔺🆕If you'd like to relocate, have you contacted Julz Statler, Founder, Angels Among Us, for info/assistance?

📍 ☎ 530-616-8228 (Julz Statler) 📧


Services/Applications currently on hold

⭐🔺Have you applied for disaster case management services with North Valley Catholic Social Services?

📍 Site/Program 🔗

☎ 530-345-1600 📧

*Note: They'll start taking applications again on 4/2.

⭐🔺The Community Action Agency can help qualified, income-eligible Survivors with up to 3 months rent, security deposit or relocation expenses. Request an application packet from Keith Derry:

📍☎ 530-712-2600 Ext 856 or Program Mgr, Thomas Dearmore Ext 680 📧

*Note: Currently out of funding and not taking new requests; awaiting new funding.

⭐🔺Cal HOPE of Butte County completes intake applications for North Valley Catholic Social Services, provides crisis counseling, assesses immediate needs, offers other relief and long-term disaster recovery services.

FB Page 🔗 California HOPE of Butte County

☎ 530-966-7382 (8am-5pm M-F) 📧

*Note: They'll start taking applications again on 4/2.

⭐🔺Have you filled out an application for services with Fire Angels Network?

📍Site/Application 🔗

*Note: Update - they're currently unable to take new requests. Put this one on standby for now. We'll let you know when they're good to go again!

⭐🔺Have you submitted an application to CA-Strong/YMCA?

📍Application For Assistance 🔗

*Note: their first deadline was 1/25; second was 2/14. They approve applications in groups and it looks like they're spacing them about 3 weeks out. Keep watching this one.

⭐🔺Have you submitted an application with National Victims Support Network? (Applications are currently disabled - they'll be active when there's more money)

📍Site & application 🔗

📍Contact Page 🔗

☎ 202-864-4499

*Note: Applications on hold. They're waiting on grant approvals for more funding.

⭐🔺Have you submitted a request for assistance with NorCal United Way?

📍Application 🔗

*Note: they've stopped taking Phase 1 applications; Phase 2 applications will begin soon. Put this one on standby.

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