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Cold Weather Kits, Camping Kits, and Tarp Kits for Camp Fire Survivors

We received a grant from Global Giving and used those funds to assemble and distribute 175 WINTER PREPAREDNESS KITS, 25 CAMPING KITS, and 75 TARP KITS.

There are many survivors still living in substandard conditions and we aimed to use the Global Giving grant funds to reach those in the most need of help. The TARP KITS were especially important for the survivors living in leaking RVs, trailers, and sheds. We ordered 16x20 heavy duty tarps and high quality tarp clips, as well as strong rope. We also assembled 25 CAMPING KITS that addressed the needs of survivors who are still camping. These survivors received a Winter Prep Kit as well.

We connected with Valerie Elizabeth who is running the Community Resource Coalition in Paradise, CA.

She has a large database of vetted survivors and she keeps track of their current needs. She works one-on-one with survivors every day and we felt comfortable that she would be able to assess which survivors would be the best matches for our kits.

We organized a giveaway day at the CRC, which included our kits as well as food, clothes, books, and household items that the CRC had on hand. We also received an additional grant from United Way that allowed us to purchase $20 gas/propane cards to include in each Winter Prep Kit.

We invited survivors to attend the giveaway and Valerie spoke with each one-on-one before determining which items they would receive. It was a long day, but a successful one. We had a few items left over after the giveaway day so Valerie and her volunteers took come items up to Lovelock, which is an isolated area where about 28 families are living in very poor conditions. They do not have the resources or transportation to make giveaway events, so Valerie took items up to them for distribution. She also helped set up tarps for those who needed them.

Overall this was a very successful project that was able to reach over 225 families, and over 560 survivors. There is still a tremendous need for all these items and many survivors were disappointed that they were not able to receive a kit or tarps.

Our Winter Prep Kit Included:

AA Batteries

$20 Gas Card

Dark colored winter beanie (unisex)

Dark colored winter gloves (unisex)

Warm socks (unisex)

Dark colored winter scarf (unisex)


Hot Hands

Cough drops

LED Flashlight

Insulated grocery bags

Single use ice packs

$10 Roll of quarters for laundry

Our Camping Kit Included:

Emergency blanket

Disaster blanket

Solar external power pack

Back pack

Toiletry kit

AA Batteries

Entire “Winter Preparedness Kit”

Cold weather sleeping bag, rated for 30 below

Hot hands: hand warmers(10 packs)

Hot hands: toe warmers (5 packs)

Camping Lantern

Solar Lights

Large blue IKEA reusable zippered totebag

Winter Socks

20oz Thermos

Our Tarp Kit Included:

16x20 Heavy Duty Tarp

Tarp clips

Heavy Duty Rope

Here are some pictures of our event:

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