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Small Organization Making a BIG Difference

The Throwing Starfish Foundation is excited to announce that we have recently received grants and donations for several projects!

Since becoming a 501c3 we have been lucky enough to receive over $167,000 in grant funds from various organizations. Grants help us do great work, but more importantly they demonstrate that large organizations are confident in our ability to distribute funds in effective ways. We are grateful to have the opportunity!

Recently we received grants from Global Giving, United Way, ButteStrong, and Roseville Rotary. We are excited about the work we are able to do with these grants.

We a put together over 175 Winter Preparedness Kits, 75 Tarp Kits and 25 Camping Kits for Camp Fire Survivors living in substandard housing. We are also assembling over 150 Welcome Home Kits for Camp Fire Survivors who are getting settled into new homes.

We will be using the Rotary grant, along with some very generous private donations, to assemble and distribute 50 Comfort Bags and 8 Apartment Kits for local Foster Kids! This project is still in process, so if we get additional grant funds in we will increase these numbers.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to do all these projects and look forward to several exciting projects on the horizon as well. We are a small organization that is making a BIG difference. Reach out, donate, spread the word! We'd love to have you on board.

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