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A New Car for a Camp Fire Family

We met a Camp Fire family who is like many others. They lost their home in the fires and have been bouncing around between shelters and hotels. They just recently got into a FEMA trailer while they wait for a rental property. Both parents work and need reliable transportation to keep their jobs. They used insurance money to purchase one car and bought a very old used car as their second automobile. Unfortunately that car has been breaking down repeatedly, costing thousands of dollars. Many Camp Fire families are in the same position, we get countless requests for help with car repairs because Camp Fire survivors are scattered around and needing to drive long distances to work/school/doctors' appointments.

This Camp Fire family was very happy to have a reliable car donate to them. If you or someone you know has a car you'd like to donate (or sell for a discounted price) please let us know! Tax deductible!

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