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2019 Assembly Day

Local volunteers came out to assemble all of our 2019 donations!

Thank you soooo much to everyone who contributed money, items, and/or time to our project this year.

This year we assembled:

75 Comfort Bags for local Foster Kids 25 Comfort Bags for local Foster Teens 15 Apartment Kits for Foster Kids aging out of the system.

21 Bikes for Foster Kids

Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered today to assemble 100 Comfort Bags and 15 Apartment Kits for local foster kids! Also, a huge thanks to everyone who contributed items to put in the bags and kits, or donated money towards the project. We raised more money this year than ever before, it means a lot that people consistently donate and support our little nonprofit.

There is so much good out there, never stop looking for it, never stop creating ways to find it. Thank you!!

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